Monday, August 22, 2011

Paperwork Update

I checked my mailbox on Friday and updated the following list. It is unlikely that I will have the time to update it again before Thursday, so please be sure that we receive any missing paperwork before- or at- the start of tryouts on Thursday morning.

List of physicals submitted (with expiration dates)*: Murrin (9-12-11) Cibotti (9-12-11) Kilburn (1-16-11) MacDermott (1-8-11) K. MacGray (12-4-11) Meyer (3-25-12) Ward (7-5-12) Wasylow (9-9-11) Woodworth (9-9-11) Dufalt (12-8-11) A. Schleicher (9-27-11) Erickson (6-22-12) Seekins (7-14-12)  Poplawski (11-18-11) Tamulis (6-16-12) Ruta (1-8-11) Kennedy (8-27-11) Goldberg (8-8-11) Beaucage (6-20-12) Pereira (12-11-11) Weber (1-1-11) Schubert (5-29-12) K. Schleicher (9-24-11) Coffman (9-11-12)

*if the expiration date falls before or during the season, we need to receive an updated version before the date of expiration.

List of Student Information Forms submitted: Elliott, both Schleichers, Schubert, Weber, Pereira, Beaucage, Goldberg, Kennedy, Ruta, Tamulis, Poplawski, Valeri, Betts, Coffman, Seekins, Erickson, Dole, Boulos, Almeida, McPherson, Dufalt, Woodworth, Wasylow, Ward, Meyer, K. MacGray, MacDermott, Kilburn, Cibotti, Murrin.

List of Concussion Forms submitted: Kilburn, both Schleichers, Dufalt, Elliott, Schubert, Valeri, Woodworth, Quintanilha, Goldberg, Coffman, Kennedy, Murrin, Ruta, Beaucage, Ward, Tamulis, Cibotti, Seekins, Wasylow, Meyer, both MacGrays, Almeida.

List of students who have taken the Concussion Test (see post below): Sousa, Cibotti, Ruta, Woodworth, Kennedy, Dufalt, Bergeron, Walsh, Coffman, Goldberg, Valeri, Poplawski, Elliott, Schubert, A. Schleicher, both MacGrays, Beaucage, Ledbetter, Quintanilha, Kilburn, Dole, Betts, Wasylow, Murrin, Remick, Boulos, Campbell, Almeida, Weber, Seekins.

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